The National Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Expo is taking place on 23rd & 24th November at RDS Simmonscourt. The day starts at 9am on both the days and runs until 16.00pm on the 23rd and 15.00pm on the 24th.
The seminars on our stages will run from 10.00am – 16.00pm on 23rd November and 10.00am – 14.30pm on 24th November. Registration is open at 9am and is open all day. The event is also being collocated with the following events, they all share a large hall and delegates are free to move between them.

Please click on the links below the view the Agenda for each Stage.

Main Stage

Stage: The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Expo
Stage: The Supply Chain and Logistics Summit
Stage: The Lean, Productivity & Continuous Improvement Summit
Stage: The National Procurement Summit
Stage: IoT & Industry 4.0
Stage: The National Sustainability Summit
Stage: The National Medtech & Biotech Summit
Stage: The National Pharma & Lifesciences Expo
Stage: The 3D Printing Expo
Stage: The Automation & Robotics Event